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The Magic Flute

Mozart's timeless classic opera comes to 16-bit life in this action-RPG depicting Tamino's quest to save Princess Pamina.

Sent by the duplicitous Queen of the Night, Tamino (along with his bird-loving sidekick, Papageno) travels far and wide, seeing unimagineable wonders. When he finally confronts Sarastro, the wizened priest reveals that the Queen of the Night is not all she claims to be, and Princess Pamina's greatest threat may lurk beyond the walls of Sarastro's temple...


The classic virtual ping-pong experience goes mobile with Paddler!

Everyone's favourite sort-of-sport can now be played on the go, including audio and difficulty settings, a dynamic background that changes as you advance, and the option to spend your points (or watch a promotional video) to continue the game after your last life is spent! Paddler is the mobile ping-pong game for the new generation!

Zombie Escape

Can you outrun the zombie menace long enough to escape?

In Half Pint Games' first foray into 3D gaming, take control of Clint Maxwood, an ex-Marine mercenary deep behind enemy lines where a lab-grown feral zombie is roaming free. Can you survive long enough for Clint to get to the chopper? Only time will tell. Time, and testosterone.

About Half Pint Games

Half Pint Games is an independent video game developer owned and operated by Michael King. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Michael also spent nearly a decade living in Saskatchewan where he completed a BA Music degree. During much of that time he also pursued self-directed studies in Unity3D, C#, C++, HTML5, CSS3, and other programming languages.

Michael now lives in Montreal, Quebec where he is pursuing a career in software development. Half Pint Games is his hobbyist outlet for self-made video games.

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